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Our mission is to deliver high quality, affordable hoop workshops in London. We want to nurture the London Hoop Community, providing the space and opportunity to encourage Hoopers to connect and continually inspire each other.


We also act as a platform for visiting teachers to deliver their unique skills here in London, via our efficient and reliable events organisation.


Carla & Sally met in 2013 at London Hoopfest trying to figure out how to do an isolation sharing only a tiny mirror. After continuously bumping into each other at various hoop events over the next few years, it was clear the Universe wanted them to be together. And so a beautiful Hoop friendship was born! 


Noticing a lack of fresh and exciting opportunities for the London Hoop Community to nurture their ever-growing skills, Carla & Sally decided to team up and put their excellent talents towards providing London with high quality hoop workshops.


Carla trained as a Milliner, making high quality hats for celebrities and international fashion labels while working for a designer in London. After spinning poi for a number of years, she picked up a Hula hoop in 2010 and quickly became a hoop addict! She started teaching Hoop classes 3 years ago and is now a pivotal member of the London Hoop community. Since making the leap to become a full time Hula professional, Carla has never looked back.


Sally is a freelance Art Director for some of the countries biggest TV shows, she brings her expert artistic skills and creativity to the Hulaballoo table. She first picked up a Hula Hoop in 2010 after needing an escape from the hectic and demanding world of TV, and fell in love almost immediately. Keep an eye out on your TV sets - if there’s a hula hoop in a show… no doubt Sally put it there!

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