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Saturday 23rd March 1pm - 6pm


Arrival & registration

Please arrive promptly!


Welcome circle



Spice Up Your Combos (1 hoop)

Duration: 1hr 45mins

In this class we are going to learn multiple long combos that involve many basic one-hoop tricks: Escalators, rolls, smears and more. We will incorporate unique variations in levels of increasing difficulty, making this the ultimate multi-leveled combo class. No matter what your skill set is, there will be something new and fun for you to learn!

3.15pm - 3:45pm

Break Time!


Coinflip Mania (1 hoop)

Duration: 1hr 45mins

Coinflips are everyone's nemesis move when first approaching them, but I'm confident that it only takes one good class to completely fall in love with this trick and start using it in your flow. In this class, we will learn that you don't need to be a pro at hula hooping to unlock fun (and even easy) variations of this trick, as it can be done on all parts of our body and also off body. This class will also be multi-leveled: whether you're already comfortable with this trick or not, I'll provide new ways to approach it and new variations for you to try.

5.30pm - 6pm

Time to pack up and head off.


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