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Saturday 23rd March 2024


Maria Laura, Mary or Mariloop, is a hula hoop teacher and performer from Naples, Italy.


Since she was a kid, she expressed her love for movement through play and sports, and competed nationally in artistic gymnastics. After having to stop due to multiple injuries and surgeries, she discovered her love for flow arts and hula hooping in 2018.

Since then, she has developed a style that combines advanced trick variations, smooth transitions and dancey choreos, and she's on a mission to share all her knowledge to the ever-growing hula hoop community.


She has numerous international students that take part in both online and in-person classes and has taught in multiple conventions all around Europe. She's also the organizer of Naples Hula Hoop Gathering, one of the biggest hoop retreats in Italy. 


Her passion for teaching is nothing like she ever experienced before and she is always looking forward to the next hoop adventure and to making new friends from the flow arts world!

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