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Your Teachers at Summer Hoopfest

Tal Fransky is a Hula Hoop Dancer from Tel Aviv. She has been dancing with the hoop since 2014 and teaches and performs professionally. 

Tal has taught at events in Israel, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Slovenia & Norway.

Tal is well known and well loved in the International Hoop community for her elegant and individual hoop style.


With over 8 years of training in modern and classical dance, Tal feels that she has found her favourite form of self expression dancing with a Hoop. She views her dance as a form of meditation, flowing with her circle and exploring the delicate bonds between body, prop and space. 


In her workshops and classes Tal teaches combinations and choreographies of tricks, moves and concepts that she has learnt throughout her Hoop journey thus far. Tal is particularly interested in how tricks can be fluidly pieced together to create a seamless fusion of dance and circus skill. 

Her aim is for each student to experience and to feel their own natural dance with the Hoop.


Tal is Sponsored by MoodHoops.

From Bristol UK, Kay has been hooping since 2010 has been a professional hoop instructor since 2011. She taught for Emma Kenna's company Hooping Mad for several years then taught solo tours around the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as well as hooping festivals world wide including Spin summit (USA), New Zealand Hoop Fest, German Hoop Con, SWHOOP, Manchester Hoop Con, Birmingham Hoop Con and the EJC. Kay now runs her own hooping clothing line Unicorn Hooper which launched in 2017! Growing up struggling with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Kay found different ways around her coordination and learning issues which hugely influenced her teaching style, breaking down tricks in the simplest ways so anyone can understand and grasp them. A finalist in the first ever Hooping Idol, Kay is known for her foot hooping, twins, flow and her award winning Hoop burlesque performances.

 Kathrin Wagner 

Kathrin is a certified teacher with more than a decade of experience in giving workshops and regular classes of all kinds. She uses her skills in order to bring out the best in her students, as her workshops aim for them to expand their personal knowledge and skills – in their own individual manner and style. 

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