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Saturday 17th September 2022 1.30pm-5.30pm


Arrival & registration

Please arrive promptly!



Workshop 1

Duration: 1hr 45mins

Flippity Do Dah! 


In this single hoop workshop we will be working on some of my favorite flippy, fun and abstract tricks! Including a range of coinflips, contact escalators, body folds and fun tosses. The format of this class will be a long combo, which ensures we will also focus on transitioning with these tricks as well! This class will have a takeaway for all levels!

3.25pm - 3.40pm

Break time!

3.40pm - 5.20pm

Workshop 2

Duration: 1hr 40mins

Fanfluenced ~ A workshop that can be done with fans, mini hoops, or smaller doubles! 

We'll be learning a dynamic sequence to help level up your twin skills -learning reel & weave variations and some mind blowing twin hoop tech, combined with fun new transitions to help you flow seamlessly with two hoops/fans/minis.

Bring what you can between the 3 of those props and we will learn a combo you can interchange between all 3!


Group Photo!


Pack up and Pub time!

We will head to a pub nearby for a post hoop social, location tbc.


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